A quick guide to set up Fire TV on your television set.

amazon Fire TV stick

With the introduction of streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime TV viewing has changed across India. It has given users choice to select from millions of content available. Recently there has been an entry of Amazon Fire Stick.

You would have definitely come across the fire stick but don’t understand how they work. Then don’t worry, we would help you understand with these easy step.

This is exclusively available on Amazon and has a wide range of multimedia services like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Well, if you thought that these were the only amazing features of Fire Stick then wait there is more to it, this supports Alexa. So, follow these guides and operate it without any hassle.

Quick Start

1. Firstly plug-in the USB cable into the power adapter.

2. After plugging in USB cable and power adapter plug in the other side of the power adapter into your newly bought Fire TV Stick.

3. Plug-in the stick into your TVs HDMI

4. After plugging in the stick in your TV and press home option on your remote.

5. Select your preferred language.

6. After selecting your preferred language, select the WI-Fi network and enter the password and then connect.

7. A small pop up of register yourself will open if registered then select ‘I already have an account’.

8. So, we assume you already have an ID, then log in your ID and click next.

9. Enter the password and click and sign in.

10. Then it will display a welcome message and ask if you want to continue with the same ID or login some other, then select your ‘Yes, continue with your name’.

11. Then Fire Stick will ask you if you want to save the Wi-Fi password.

12. Finally, you are in, you will see a message ‘Enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movie and TV shows….”. Select signup for Prime.

13. This is the next screen that asks you to select all the app you want, and then download them at the end. Either you choose an app or no thanks. So, select the services you want.

14. After selecting popular TV apps like Hulu, HBO Now, Starz and others, then you will see a right arrow, click on that and select the sports apps of your choice.

15. Then select other featured services by pressing the right arrow. Finally, click play to proceed.

16. Click on ‘Download App’, you will download all your selected apps and also get some of the free apps that are available in download apps.

17. Congratulations Fire TV is set up. Enjoy!

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