An air conditioner that consumes electricity as much as three bulbs

Humidity and the soaring temperature have made your life miserable and want to switch on the air-conditioner for the whole day. But owing to the long electricity bill you have dropped the plan. Then don’t worry Tupik, a 2016 startup by two youngsters from Gujarat Ravi Patel and Ketan Patel have this amazing air-conditioner that will not only cut down your electricity bill by 65 per cent and consumes electricity as much as three bulbs. The company boasts of making some 1500 customers from the year 2017.

What is the concept?

With an idea of just cooling the bed area, Tupik has developed a small compatible air-conditioner that consumes only 400-watt electricity. For those who don’t know how much is 400 watt; well it is equal to three bulbs.

Shape and size

This air-conditioner is just 8 inches tall and 11 inches long and weighs only 13 kg. The complete unit is like a tent that will uniformly cover the bed so that air-conditioner can focus on the sleeping area and not focus on cooling the whole room.

According to Ravi Patel, “The whole design is made keeping in mind portability, compactness and efficiency,” He further added, this air-conditioner consumes nearly 65 per cent lesser electricity compared to other air-conditioners.

When asked the general question asked to Patel, how is the product different, he said, “The difference would be reflected on your monthly electricity bill for sure?” He also elaborated that since the air-conditioner has to focus on a specified area, so it works efficiently. And when it comes to installation, there isn’t any need for a technician to do that; one can easily do it by themselves. A piece of small advice: Keep door and window open for cross ventilation.

This air-conditioner is priced for Rs 17, 900 for a single bed and Rs 19,000 for a double bed.

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