Budget-friendly TCL TVs that you can buy

In case you are looking for an amazing TV that suits your budget and in case you have a budget constraint then you would definitely come across TCL TVs. It manufactures budget friendly sets.

Ever since the Chinese company TCL launched in the Indian market since then and till date, they have an image of producing TV in abundance keeping affordability in mind.

What else can we say about the company, two years back it became the third largest company. The company states that over the years there has been a considerable rise in the sales of different model especially LCDs across the world. The company always focuses on cheap TVs whether it is 4k or any other.
But, now the question is how worthy are this brand’s models.

Let us talk about the models such as TCL DP608 TCL, DP628 and TCL DP648 TVs. These are 4K resolution TVs with HDR10 and also has ‘Freeview Play’ that offers Live TV and on-demand services. So, you have no extra expenses every month. You will find apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

It isn’t sure if Amazon Prime videos can be streamed on TCL TVs. But, in case you aren’t able to then you can’t then simply use a Google Chromecast or a Fire TV stick and enjoy your favourite series. 

If we talk of features then the TCL model DP648 a wide array of colors and brightness. It offers a maximum 320 nits that isn’t truly HD but comparatively better than any other 4K TV offered for this price. All the above models have two-three HDMI port so you can easily stream 4K content. If you going to view non-HDR content on this TV then let us tell you that it would be good enough.

The LED manufactured by this company has a refresh rate of 120Hz refresh rate. Even you can connect your smartphone to the TV by means of wireless and Ethernet connections. And it also has three HDMI inputs and also has a jack for headphone.

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