Does fully automatic washing machine consume more water

Does fully automatic washing machine consume more water

Washing machine comes with many surprises and many features but the most common one we notice is that either the machine is front-loaded or top loaded. What people think is that both machines are the same because they both tend to wash cloths. What we don’t know is that both the machinery consume different amount of water as well as electricity.

Top loaded washings machines are popular because of their affordable prices but cannot save water whereas in better run Front Loaded machine proves to be more accurate for a common man.

In general, a Fully Automatic Front Loaded consumes 60-80 Litres of water while a Fully Automatic Top Loaded consumes 120-160 Litres. But the fact to know is that even a Semi-automatic machine usually consumes 80- 100Liters of water.

We can never know too much about anything sometimes saving a little amount of money today can cost us a lot tomorrow. Most trusted brands offer energy star labels that can help to save natural resources. Mostly 20 % of less energy and 35 % less water will be used to wash laundry. These appliances have special features such as Aqua-Saver, Motor efficiency, Drum Type, Auto Power off, Eco-Friendly Wash etc. A consumer of today should have the knowledge of how to use them.

As the user of today check for a machine that has auto-sensing of the laundry load size since these types of machine sense the load and takes water accordingly thereby they lower water wastage.

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