Enjoy the studio-quality picture of Netflix with the new ‘Calibrated Mode’

Sony-Netflix Calibrated Mode

Ever since Netflix was introduced in the year 1997, it has been focusing on a single fact and that is making the consumer ‘the master’— giving them what they want to watch for their entertainment with extraordinary picture quality. It’s advanced audio-video formats like 4K, HDR and of course, Dolby Atmos has made an interesting story even more creative that holds audiences attention for greater span or rather till the end. Over the years there has been a steady increase in the number of Netflix fans and so have audiences base for 4k content has risen drastically.

Keeping this increasing demand and customers need or as mentioned earlier, making them ‘the master’ has helped develop a new feature named ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode’, this feature has been by Netflix in collaboration with Sony company’s experts. 

First, let us understand what this feature is and what for it is developed? Well, it developed so that any Netflix content can be supported. This is specially designed feature for Sony’s new Bravia Master Series A9F OLED and Z9F LED TVs.

Taking a notch higher than 4K and HDR, the duo has worked on picture quality, they have strengthened picture processing by the configuration of the TV in such a manner that the screen gives a post-production effect.

So, simply speaking a viewer can watch Netflix picture, documentary or series with color precision, accuracy, and perfect contrast that is actually how it was meant to watch by Netflix.

For example, consider a show ‘Luke Cage’ that is based on the Marvel Comics and has both fantasy and real story. Because of this new feature you would see and feel better lighting and clarity and have an even better impression. Visual elements are more deeply portrayed by using this feature.

During the launch of the new Master series, both Sony and Netflix told us that the shows being produced are not only about just any other soap opera or movie but a work of art that needs a better display. They claimed that the Calibrated Mode would give the first theatre experience in the living room.

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