Give your living space a digital gallery with these Samsung’s new line-up

In the world’s largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas recently, Samsung made announcement of its flagship TV line-up ‘The Frame’ and ‘Serif’. According to the company, the two models are award-winning made of innovative design that can easily get into anyone’s home decor. The company even boast that the line-up has an amazing picture quality that makes it one of the best functioning TV till date.

During the show, Jongsuk Choo, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said, ” Over the years television has changed the meaning completely, it is not just merely about picture quality and functionality. It is about lifestyle.”

The Frame

Unlike other TV’s when switched off is of no use, this tv turns into a gallery of artwork that is displayed as digital artwork. It turns the living space into an amazing art gallery. Besides, this TV set has ‘luminance sensor’ that adjusts the colour according to the room brightness.

It also has a ‘Pristine picture’ quality that makes the watching experience better with picture quality deeper, better contrast and perfect black.

Apart from all these amazing features, one can get access to some 1000 artwork. Samsung has partnered with some of the top museum and galleries across the world. This is truly a smart tv as it is controlled by AI-powered voice control that gives the users the power to operate the TV with voice control.

Serif features

For this TV, Samsung has collaborated with a brother duo named Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec from Paris. This is a cutting-edge QLED that has clear picture quality. This TV gives information such as headlines and weather updates.

Initially, the Serif TV was purchased by furniture shops and stores as decor piece but now on it would be available for general people.

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