How does Samsung’s triple inverter air conditioner work?

Samsung recently launched a new line-up of air-conditioners that has ‘triple inverter’ technology. This model has been skillfully designed to meet the need of a consumer. Over the years, consumers have demanded air-conditioner that offers better/faster cooling and at the same time consume less electricity even in peak summer.

The new ‘convertible mode’ gives the user access to change the capacity of cooling depending on the number of people in the room. This series will also give triple warranty; 10 years on compressor, five years on condenser and two years on both on the indoor-outdoor unit.
Be it energy efficiency, durability or cooling capacity, this series has a complete package that makes the air-conditioner the most desirable product.

During the launch, the Deputy General Manager, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India said, ” Basically Indian customers look for energy efficiency while buying an air-conditioner. So, this air-conditioner model is developed keeping in mind the same factor.”

How does a triple inverter technology work?

This is an advanced digital technology inverter air-conditioner that has an eight-pole motor that makes the machine energy efficient; lesser consumption of electricity. These air-conditioners produce fewer torque fluctuations that make it more energy efficient and less noisy.

Durafin Condensers

This model has a ‘Durafin condenser’ that has anti-corrosion coating that makes the air-conditioner suitable for Indian humid climate. It comes with a Jet+ technology that cools the machine instantly and even reduces leakage.

How does a convertible mode work?

With ‘convertible mode’ one can easily convert air-conditioner’s compressor capacity. For example, if there are only two people in a room then accordingly the capacity of the AC can be converted.

For example-: If not required a two-ton AC can be converted to 1.5 ton or 1 ton respectively.

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