How OLED and QLED TVs are different from one another


If you are planning to buy a TV then surely you are considering size factor but, remember there is more to it. Quality of the picture is something that must be given utmost priority. And when we talk of quality two high-end techs come to mind and that is QLED and OLED.

While the acronyms seem to be similar, they are otherwise different. Let us first understand who is the manufacturer of both the technology. Companies like Sony, LG, and Philips make OLED TV. And Samsung manufacturers QLED–Using quantum dot technology.

The term OLED stands for ‘Organic Light-Emitting Diode’. This is different from general LEDs. While most of the LEDs need light behind every pixel for viewing, OLED produces its own light.

For Example-: When a pixel wants to appear completely black in case of an OLED TVs then the pixels switch offs its light and appears completely back which isn’t the case with other LEDs. So, even if the dark scene appears a bit grayish. Frankly speaking, this mistake can be corrected in LEDs and QLED but it can never be at par with an OLED. This feature of QLED is available in tow high-end products of Samsung.

This feature of QLED is available in two high-end products of Samsung. If we talk about viewing angle then even here QLED beats the rest; even if you are sitting at a corner far from the QLED TV even then, you can view the picture crystal clear.

During the day time when there is a lot of light in the room, you would see LEDs suffering from image retention or burn-in; this is when an image remains on screen for too long then you will see an outline of the content. So, for long duration video game playing OLED isn’t the preferred choice.

Although OLED TVs might not have the best picture burn-in, has a perfect response time that is the pixels change shape and size quickly and there isn’t a motion blur.

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