How to calibrate your TV to get the perfect picture quality

perfect picture quality

Most of the user’s complaint that the newly bought TV isn’t as bright as they first saw in the showroom and it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Usually, TV manufacturers are blamed but they should not be blamed, it has to be calibrated according to the home lighting of the room in which it is being placed.

Surely, most of you don’t know what is calibration? It is a process to correct a TV set for home usage and not just showroom demonstration. And in the case of floor model TV, users would be very disappointed. This TV seems to have saturated hues in fluorescent lighting. But, in case of lighting in a dark room, the view is terrible.

But don’t worry you need not sent back your latest TV; we can improve the picture quality with a simple calibration. These are the three ways to calibrate.

Normally manufacturers keep default ‘Vivid’ setting for the TV as it gives too much color to attract customers. But for general watching, you need to fix the image problem by calibrating. Try different option available and reset whatever suits you.

In case you don’t get the setting then you can have a look at calibration related videos on YouTube. You can search for AVS HD 709.

In case you still haven’t understood it completely then check Netflix official site, it has a calibration option. This will really help. You will understand about color bars and color temperature.

Last but very important way to calibrate is by getting calibration discs. You can easily understand each setting very well. Visuals and images are created and help guide you. Surely you would not feel comfortable to change the setting but tweaking will certainly give you the best picture quality that you have been waiting to see for long.

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