How to connect laptop/PC to TV

connect laptop to TV

A Smart TV has features that are really interesting but there are a lot of features that are only available on PC and not on TV. How to stream from PC to TV using a cable?

If keeping your laptop close to your TV isn’t an issue then the easiest way to connect both the device using a cable. Both TV and PCs has HDMI port so you can connect a TV and laptop easily.

How to stream from laptop to TV wirelessly

In case you are looking for an easier mode of connection then connect using a wireless mode. Use Google Chromecast to stream content easily. This is available for Rs. 3499 on Flipkart. You can plug in the Chromecast directly to the HDMI port. But, remember the devices need a power supply.

Connecting PC and HDMI

In case you have a desktop then it has a DVI port, at monitor’s back. In case of PC connection, quality of the video is quite high but the only drawback is that there won’t be audio. You would need to get another connector to get the audio.

Connect via a USB stick/ external hard drive

If you have a TV is of the latest technology then you have a very good chance that it has a USB port. On getting the port you need to only plug in an external hard drive and you can comfortably view files such as videos and pictures.

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