How to see a video on your phone and TV

video on your phone and TV

Playing videos on phone is a good option but connecting it to your TV is even better. There are numerous interesting methods to watch pictures or videos on TV.Of late, most of the tablets and phones get connected to a TV that is HDMI ready. There must be a portable cable that can get connected with phone and TV. So, now enjoy your amazing pictures on the big screen.

This is the simplest way to connect. So, no Wi-Fi and no password just an easy connection. One thing that you should check is the length of the wire. Longer the wire better is the comfortably viewed. 

In case of wire is what you don’t enjoy much then you can simply go for a Wi-Fi network and establish a connection between your TV and phone and start watching your favorite videos and pictures.Another option is the Roku Streaming Stick–This will help you display the content of your phone on TV. You can even go for ‘Miracast device’ that supports Windows Phone, Android and 4.2 Jelly bean.

So, if you are using the iOS device then wireless listen to music, watch photos and videos on your TV. In case you are going to buy a new TV then definitely see to it that connectivity is established very well between the TV and other media devices you have like smartphone and tablets. One very important thing does not forget to check the DLNA-certified, DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance.

Smartphone’s like Samsung Galaxy S7 or HTC One M9 connects to a TV with the projector when you connect with home Wi-Fi. Hence we would suggest that you should go for a wireless setup rather than wiring set up, this a hassle-free way of connection there isn’t anything that you have to take care while the connection has been established.

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