How to take care of your washing machine’s life span

Usually, a washing machine remains healthy for over a decade but some machines can die before expected if used in the manner listed below.

In case washer-dryer runs for long

Machines life totally depends on the frequency of the machine being used. It is advisable to not load more than eight loads per week. If used in the desired way then the machine would have a life of double-digit.

Professional installation

From the proper selection of the venting tube to selecting material, it should be done properly else can become a pain in the neck.

Avoid over stuffing

Remember when overstuffed neither washer nor dryer work efficiently. The machine would have too much load when stuffed more than required.

Detergent as required

Overusing of detergent can cause the machine to overflow because of the residue of soap.

Take care of the kind of clothes washed

There are some items that are advisable to hand wash. It isn’t said just like that. If you wash your lingerie then there are chances that its hook and wires can cause severe damage in the machine’s drum.

Clean dispensers

After you have done with your laundry washing then make sure you wipe down the residue of the detergent used. It is advisable to do that; in case this is not done then it can cause clogging. For better upkeep of your machine make sure you clean the machine at least once a month.

Check your pocket before you wash

There is always a chance that things like paper, coins, gum can easily clog in a washer drain and create noise during the wash cycle. So, make sure you remove all the stuff in your pockets and then start washing.

Takeout the clothes from the machine at the right time

One of the major problems with the washing machines is mold. They can create a foul smell in the machine and thus reducing the longevity of the machine.

All you need to do is do not leave wet clothes in the washer for long and if possible keep the door open for some time after the wash cycle is completed.

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