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If you are looking for a new TV online and do not understand much about the brands and brands that are lesser expensive but trustable and a few that should be avoided then this article would definitely help you understand and get an idea of most of them.

Well to start with you should first note that brands like Sony, Samsung, LG have over the years created a brand name for themselves in Southeast Asian countries especially India and Srilanka. It was the years 1997 when LG stepped in India, Sony came in the year 1994 and Samsung in December 1995. So, it has been two decades that they have been here and conquered not only hearts of the customers but also ruled over the market. This makes them trustworthy.

But, if you have a budget issue and can not afford any of the above brands and want to go for a lesser known but reliable brand then you can choose among TCL, Vizio, and Element. You would have heard less about these company but for your knowledge, TCL is a more than a $ 16.8 billion Chinese company that entered the Indian market three years back. It had first started its overseas business in the 2000s. In the year 2015, it became the third largest manufactures of television and remains so till date. In September last year, it has been announced that TCL is establishing a manufacturing unit at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Then a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the IT, Electronics and Communication department and the company.

The other brand named Vizio is an American company that has it’s headquartered in California and was founded in the year 2002. This is a company of over $ 2 billion and entered Indian market six years back. They are known to produce very good sound in TV sets as competitions to sound bars.

Apart from these two, you can even trust on an Elements TV that is a consumer electronics company in South Carolina. This is one of the most affordable TV that offers 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with the Fire TV experience for which other brands would charge ample amount. There are rumors that it is now owned by a Chinese firm called Tongfang. So, while the cost is really very less, it isn’t that bad quality wise so you can even choose this TV if you have a budget constraint.

So, choose wisely and do not fall prey to low-cost offers.

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