LG launches new line-up of washing machine that kills 99.9 percent allergens

In an annual festival named InnoFest MEA; the Middle East and Africa (MEA) innovation event LG unveiled a new lineup of washing machines. This is a front-loading machine that is developed on AI direct drive. With this advanced technology, the machine performs an amazing wash cycle. It is very gentle on fabric and thus causes very little damage to clothes. The company boasts that with this technology some 18 per cent damage is reduced and thus the lifespan of your cloth is long.

The front-loader new lineup has a ‘TurboWash 360’ degree that cleans the clothes at a very fast rate some 30 minutes faster than traditional machines. If we talk of the cleaning process then the new lineup has multi-direction clothes wash technology that cleans the cloth in a better and faster way.

If you are worried about the hygiene aspects then don’t worry, the company has taken care of this as well. It has introduced a steam+ technology that kills almost 99.9 per cent allergens and removes some wrinkle as well.

Energy consumption in case of this washing machine is reduced to almost half because of ‘TurboWash’ technology. If we compare to other traditional LG machines then there is a reduction in power and water consumption. The stainless steel tub and stainless filter in the machine take proper care of the machine. It also has an option of ‘Steam’ wash where you can switch on the warm water and get rid of the stain that are difficult to remove normal water.

This lineup is compatible to ‘SmartThinQ’ app so relax and operate your washing machine using your smartphone.

During the launch President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, Song Dae-hyun said, “We are delighted by the positive reception InnoFest attendees had to our latest front and top-loader washing machines,” He also added that such washing machines would save energy so perfect for a middle-class family.

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