Protect your family from allergens with Truvision AC’s

If you are thinking of protecting your family from unwanted dust and allergens that can cause health issues then stop worrying and get a Truvision air-conditioner that has a double micro protection system.

Recently the company that has nearly 36 branches in India launched the air-conditioner model ‘TYSD203N’. These air conditioners not only suites to your home decor but also has features such as perfect cooling, energy-saving that makes it a must buy for your family.

You need not to worry about the compressor as the company gives four years warranty. In case you reside in an area where there is industrial smoke, pollution then this air-conditioner is a must buy as it has ‘Ocean Black Protection’ that withstands tough climatic conditions.

These AC’s have a technology called ‘True Aer’ technology. Because of this technology, the air-conditioner consumes as much as 80 per cent lesser energy. It even has a ‘Double Micro Protection System’ that fills the room with fresh and hygienic air and keep away dust and allergens that can lead to severe diseases. What makes the air-conditioner even better is four-directional air flow and ‘power chill’ feature that chills the room fast.

In case you stay in an area where there is power fluctuation then don’t worry, this air conditioner model can operate without stabilizer. Even on inverter mode, the air-conditioner performs effortlessly. Other features that the air-conditioner boasts of are-: LED display, timer and auto restart, and self-diagnostic function.

It has as an amazing whisper-silent operation. It is available for Rs 35,990.

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