Size isn’t the only factor to be considered while buying a TV


Buying a TV is indeed a daunting experience and what most of you focus on is its size but besides just focusing on the size you must focus on these factors as well.

Size Factor

What most of the customer assume is that size is what matters and frankly speaking even I too felt so at a point of time but after speaking to a lot of experts in the TV world, it is certain that there is more to it. Buying a bigger TV is a good idea it is never a waste. But if you have budget constraint then you should choose according to room size.
There are many online shopping sites that offer a tool to select the room size and then look for a TV that is suitable for that room size. Isn’t it amazing?  So, the size of the TV matters.

Budget priority

In order to have a super big TV, your budget must allow you. So if you aren’t getting your favourite size for the best price in the market then wait for offers online like Amazon and Flipkart come up with frequently. But be careful about installation and another aspect before buying it online.

Type selection

After deciding on budget and size you need to sit and decide on your priorities in the TV, whether you want a LED/LCD or OLED. This selection will depend on the kind of room, if it is a room with a lot of light then you must go for an LCD or LED but in case it is a dark room then OLED is perfect.
Then you have to decide whether it needs to have all the high-tech mode like a smart remote sensor or anything else.

What matters?  

Size, type selection is done, now you can go for sound selection. A TV with the best sound is like an addition. But it is advisable to get extra soundbars that will not only give a better impression as an audience but also give you a theater feel at home.

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