Some interesting facts about refrigerators

Do you know when was the first refrigerator invented and who designed it and what was the cost? Surely, very few people know about it. This article will introduce you to such interesting facts and many more interesting things about a refrigerator that not many people know.

  • The very first refrigerator used for the household purpose was in the year 1911. It was designed by a monk and a physics teacher named Marcel Audiffren.
  • While the monk used the sulfur dioxide process that made a wooden fridge, it was named as Audiffren.
  • First refrigerator was priced at $ 1000.
  • Water and salt are usually considered brine and were used as a preservative and also as a refrigerant. Yes, Medieval people found that salt and water absorb heat and keeps the containers cool.
  • Do you know that November 15 is considered as ‘ National Clean out your refrigerator’ day?
  • The first patent refrigerator was found in the year 1930 by Albert Einstein and his student named ‘Leo Szilard’.
  • A family was killed in 1930 due to toxic refrigerator coolant so Einstein discovered refrigerator coolant that was simple and single-pressure absorption.
  • In a refrigerator, a crisper is a drawer/ compartment where vegetables and fruits are being kept. It has such a name because it keeps the vegetables and fruits crisp.
  • A 78-year-old Jewish lady Louise Greenfarb from Henderson, NV has nearly 32,000 types of a refrigerator magnet. She is known as the ‘Magnet Lady’.
  • There is a pocket-sized refrigerator in this world that was invented by Olaf Diegel in the year 2004. Basically, Diegel invented this refrigerator to store insulin on trips.
  • A graduate student of Duke University made the invention of a remote operated mini fridge.

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