Sony unveils TV with 16K resolution

Earlier this year there have been major releases of television sets with 8K displays but recently Japanese tech giant, Sony has unveiled it’s biggest television till date, 16K resolution.

This panel size is sixteen times of 4K resolution and nearly 64 times bigger than television set with 1080p TV. So, frankly speaking now you can see much more than you could have ever imagined. According to the company, users can watch an image of any resolution without being blurred. One of the experts present on the occasion said that it might take a decade for such a resolution to be available in any consumer product.

It has an ‘ultra-crisp display’ that is some 63-feet by 17-feet. Currently, this tv is being installed in the city of Yokohama. The TV set is so much big that it can be seen stretching between the first and second floors.

If we compare this TV with Samsung 8K display then the later has a single display and former has multiple panels that are assembled together making a single screen. This display is termed by Sony as ‘Crystal LED’. Despite the fact that no backlight is being used in this television, it is way brighter than conventional OLED displays.

For this particular television set, Sony has produced 16K footage as there is hardly any footage that is apt for 16k TV.

As if now the company isn’t able to manufacture this TV on a wide scale but is making Crystal LED displays of lower resolution for cinema, parks, and showrooms.

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