Technical terms of a TV that you should know

Technical terms of a TV

Selecting the best TV can be really confusing and needs a lot of scrutinies and brainstorming. Don’t worry we are here to give you a better understanding of the technical terms in your television set that you must know.


This term UHD (Ultra-high-definition) and 4K are two interchangeable terms. Both of them are used to describe the best picture quality.  With UHD native video is presented at a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, this is four times of HD that is  1920 × 1080 pixel.


The term ‘QLED’ is derived from ‘Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode’. Because the D-Dot wasn’t rhyming well so it was removed and made ‘QLED’. Many of you won’t be knowing what Quantum dot is? These are a very small microscopic particle that are nearly 10 nanometers in diameter. These dots have the ability to emit better brighter, vibrant colors that make the content extremely bright.

QLED is cost-effective if compared to OLED so a customer can enjoy similar immersive content for a lower price.


This stands for a high-definition multimedia interface; helps to transmit video-audio from one multimedia device such as a smartphone, laptop, PC to TV. For example,  customers can simply plug in any streaming stick into TV’s HDMI port and exchange file between any device and TV. Unlike other streaming devices, HDMI does not need two cables for video and audio. Rather a single HDMI carries both audio and video and avoids unnecessary clutter.

Multi-Room Link

Having audio in different rooms has been in practice for a while. The Multi-Room link enables music across rooms at home. If explained simply then this is a technology to play music in different rooms; it can be different or the same music depending on the technology used.

Motion Rate

This is also called as a refresh rate. If simply explained this is the number of frames per second that television can show. For example: If a television set has a refresh rate of 60Hz, then there are 60 images per second. So, the higher the refresh rate, better is the quality of the picture.

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