The all new Smart TV magic series of Samsung

The South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung has launched a line-up of smart TVs with amazing features such as a personal computer, home cloud, music system, and two-way sharing. These features make this smart TV one of the most desired gadgets of the year.

The campaign theme of this new line-up is ‘Unbox Magic Every day’; to resonate with millennial lifestyle.

This line-up is designed keeping in mind the ‘Make for India’ concept. All the benefits are designed under our ‘Make for India’ philosophy; to meet consumer need. They not only come with the latest smart features but also with amazing picture quality that is of high definition, Ultra Pix technology, Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K models.

Remote access

With this smart TV, you can easily change your TV set to a personal computer. While this feature might not seem so amazing as you can have the same in any smart TV but what makes it different is the facility to convert the TV into a personal computer and operate it completely. From making an excel sheet to sending mail, you can use your TV and do all these tasks.

Another unique feature is you can access your laptop kept somewhere else at a distance place, away from the TV screen. For example, if your laptop is in office, you can still access your laptop on TV.

Live Music System

With this Smart TV, life is filled with fun. You can turn the TV into a music system. You can create a library from which you can select your favourite song and experience amazing audio quality. Just like a music system, you can now access multiple device playlists and access them as well.

Two Way Sharing

You can easily share content between a smartphone and TV. So, now you can easily access music and video on phone directly on your smart TV.

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