The new Generation Samsung 8K Digital Signage

Samsung 8K Digital Signage

Samsung has taken the digital technology market by storm by launching its first Signage model at the biggest four-day audio-visual systems integration show that started from February 5 and continued till February 9.

The 82-inch QLED 8K Signage has features that haven’t been heard off till date. This product is going to change the digital market drastically. Other Signage models that the company would launch in the year 2019 is ‘The Wall’.

During the launch in an exclusive talk, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung, Seog-gi Kim said, “The new 8K display Signage would deliver amazing picture quality that viewers would have never imagined before. This is one the leading product of Samsung company and it feels good to launch it at this platform.” 

It has a technology of Artificial Intelligence upscaling— processing of the image to give lifelike pictures. Hence users can enjoy pictures with immersive quality.

This is for sure that when the product is out in the market no one would manage to resist the real lifelike display. This comes with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, this makes the pictures so clear that individual pixels are clearly visible by human and that gives a lifelike experience.

As discussed earlier in an article, the QLED TVs come with Quantum Light Control; this means each pixel has the ability to dim its light and gives a completely black display. Besides, it also has a feature of HDR10+ that gives amazing brightness and the large gamut of colors.

Another Signage model to be launched very soon is ‘The Wall’—this will also have an 8K display. This is going to be a large TV that is suitable for luxury residences.

For the first time Samsung has introduced ‘Multi-Link LED HDR’, surely you would want to know what is that? Well, this is 8K LED HDR technology that uses the company’s algorithm and scene analysis and turns all content to HDR quality, interesting there isn’t any use of metadata.

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