The new range of Mitsubishi air conditioners

Come summer and it has become really very difficult to beat the scorching heat with the old traditional air-conditioner. And the meteorological department of India has also given a warning regarding the soaring temperature.

There has been an increase in the demand of cooling system across India. To meet this need, Mitsubishi has come up with this range of 5-star air-conditioners. The company has launched two series such as MSY GR (T) and MSY GR. These series are designed keeping in mind the Indian climate. This is an energy efficient air-conditioner that optimizes cooling and ensures that air reaches every nook and corner.

The Japanese multinational Mitsubishi has a Guinness World Record registered in its name for being the longest running ‘cross flow air’. It has vanes that move automatically in multi-direction; taking care that each and every corner remain cool and fresh.

Besides the long-lasting airflow, this air-conditioner has carrier coated well and hence increasing the life span. These air-conditioners also have filters that are of high-quality that ensures that the finest of dust is trapped and eliminated and thus giving fresh air. This company has made product keeping in mind the user point of view.

Let’s discuss features

Both the series ‘MSY GR’ and ‘MSY GR (t) are the result of hard research, thus they have the ability to cool the room efficiently but at the same time being energy efficient. The USP of these air-conditioners is ‘upgraded heat exchange’. This air-conditioner operates perfectly even if the temperature outside is 52 degree Celsius.

Dual barrier coating
Both the air-conditioners give great installation freedom and ensure perfect cooling. There is very less temperature fluctuation in case of this series as they have ‘long airflow’ feature.

Noise-free operation

It has a built-in ‘aerodynamic’ technology that takes care of efficient functioning and fresh airflow. This series has ‘quiet operation’. The noise level in case of such air-conditioner is as low as 19 lb.

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