This is how you can connect a Video Camera With a Projector

connect a Video Camera With a Projector

Many companies use a different technique to do an effective presentation. While many use regular LCD projectors for sharing of data for presentation and they are well equipped to project video images directly from the camera and give live feed. 

Live feed is always good as it helps support your data and audience understand your demonstration in a better and effective way.

These are the steps to connect live video to a projector:

1. Every camera has an audio/video cable to connect the cable the video output of a camera. Mostly every camera comes with a cable that has three plugins. One of them is yellow color- The Composite video plug and two audio plugs that are red and white respectively.  So connect the audio-visual cable to their respective jacks of the camera.

Tips: Pay attention to color while connecting the cables. 

2. Now connect the audio-video cable to the input port of the LCD projector. In case your cable is analog cable then take care of the color coding.

Tips: Take care that the plugin is done well.

3. Now switch on the camera and play the video you want to demonstrate on the projector.

Tips: Keep the video ready and do not freak out while looking for the video.

4. Switch on the projector and wait for a while to let it warm up.

5. Different projector function differently so select a specific button to carefully select the port where the camera has to be connected. 
So, you are almost there your projector is ready to show the videos from the camera.

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