This is how you can connect projector with TV

projector with TV

Most us want to get a theater experience at home especially in our drawing room. Then what are you waiting for? Just go and get a home projector for yourself. A projector is sometimes called as home theaters. We are sure, you aren’t well versed with the projector connection at home. We would introduce you to connection technique in this article. But, before doing that let us make you aware of what factors you should keep in mind while purchasing a projector for yourself.

Check 1-:

‘Resolution’ is one of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind while getting a projector. This is nothing but the number of pixels the images has. So, be sure that you get a projector with a higher pixel. Because more the pixel, better is the picture quality.

Check 2-:

Select a project with higher contrast ration because higher the contrast ratio better would be picture detailing. Projector pictures would be really colorful and detailed. 

Check 3-:

Do not forget to check the ‘Light Resolution’; higher the light resolution then better is the picture. So, there would be a lesser reflection if a projector is used in a house where there is maximum light. This is a very important aspect that most of the people forget and hence suffer.

After these very important checks, this how you can connect projector and TV set.

1. After you get the best projector that is suitable for your room, you have to make a quick decision whether you want to display images on a television screen or projector. If you want to use the TV, then connect the projector to your TV. Now, the question is how to do that?

2. Take two cables and connect the projector and your TV. Do remember to get a VGA cable and HTA cable. The former cable stands for ‘Video Graphics Array High Definition TV video cable and the later is a Home Theater audio cable.

These are the steps to set up the connections:

1. Firstly unplug everything, do check that there isn’t a power supply.

2. If the projector is already working then just unplug and give it time to cool down. It is very important to give time to the projector to cool down before using it.

3. Connect the HDMI connector on the projector.

4. After connecting HDMI to projector connect another end to “HDMI Out” socket that is there on every cable box.

5. Switch on the power on projector and cable TV box as well.

6. Do remember that you need to change the video input set up to HDMI. There are many projectors, that will automatically change the video input to HDMI connection. If your projector does it automatically otherwise change the set up manually.

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