This is how you can turn your old TV into a Smart TV

old TV into a Smart TV

If you have a major budget constraint then instead of buying a smart TV that might burn a hole in your pocket just go for upgrading the old TV by spending a few thousand rupees.

Ultra-portable media

Buying an ultra-portable (UP) media is a good idea. This is a small nearly the size of your thumb resembling a USB pen drive and has the ability to stream content such as pictures, videos, and music from your laptop/PC or smartphone directly on the television screen.

There are a lot of UP media available online that are of different brands, you can get a Google Chromecast online for Rs 3,999. This is one of the easiest to use. You just need to plug-in the device in the HDMI port of the TV and stream content without any hassle. As soon as the connection is established you can share your HD videos on a TV screen.

Amazon FireTV stick

This comes with a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. It supports Dolby Audio. There is voice sensory remote that comes along with it. This remote has an inbuilt mic that you can use to direct the TV to view your favorite content.

Like ultra-portable media player, this too plugs in the TV in the HDMI port. It also supports screen mirroring that means you can download apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, and many others.

This is available for Rs 3,999 online.

Set-top box media player’

Undoubtedly a Chromecast is one of the easiest and also the cheapest way to enable Wi-Fi on TV. But, it lacks internal memory. So, to solve this problem you can get a ‘Set-top box media player’. All you need to do it is have the HDMI port free and have an active internet source. This media player support HD content from all source. It even supports USB port. So, you can view the content of your SD card easily.

These media players are offered by different companies but you can go for iOmega ScreenPlayDXHD that is available for Rs 12,000.

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