This Sony LED TV comes with X Protection


There are many brands in the market like Micromax, LG, and Samsung but today we have for you one of the best in regards to features and pricing, Sony KLV-22P422C LED TV. When it comes to sound, picture quality and technology, Sony has always been the best choice. When it comes to being the market leader no one can deny the fact that Sony has always been the leader. This 22-inch Sony LED TV is not only budget-friendly but has amazing features like X protection and understands 11 regional languages.

The 22-inch Sony KLV-22P422C LED TV comes for a decent price of Rs 14990. But if you are looking for amazing features then let us tell you that you would be disappointed. It has a normal feature like any other Smart TVs.

This is a perfect choice for a small room. It comes with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels making it a full HD TV. As the company commits, you would get crystal clear picture. It has a wide viewing angle of 176 degrees so you can view the TV from any direction without getting a distorted image. The best thing about the TV is its sleek design.

Despite the fact that the size of the TV is really small, yet there are two 10 watt speakers that would create an amazing sound. There isn’t any requirement for extra speakers if you aren’t planning to place this TV in the drawing room. It also runs on Dolby Sound technology so the amazing immersive sound is created.

Talking about the connectivity option, on this front, the TV lags behind. It has one USB port which is just like any other TV.

It comes with a feature called ‘X protection’ that protects the device from extreme conditions like humidity, lightning, and other things. There is another important feature that makes the TV desirable is that the TV supports nearly 11 regional languages.

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