As the scorching heat of the summer season is increasing every year the demand of Air conditioners is also gaining steady rise. The ACs has become the most favored human companion in the summer season. After the exhausting working hours, the best feeling one can get in the hot summer days is when the person finally gets a chance to sit in the presence of an air conditioner.

If you are looking for a pocket friendly AC conditioner which can not only help you in feeling relived from the sun but also keeps you away from the heavy electricity bills then you can opt for Voltas inverter AC. The company has launched a wide range of inverter AC’s which are in the range of 30,000 to 50,000. Here we have picked the best Voltas inverter AC’s with 1 or 1.5 ton weightage.

Voltas Inverter AC:183VCZT [1.5 Ton]

If you are searching for an AC which is budget friendly to you and also helps you in bringing down the electricity bill then this AC will surely match your preferences. It is a 1.5 ton AC with several other attractive features, let’s have a look:


  • High ambient cooling: this special function of the AC will help you in keeping your environment cool and relaxing even when the sun is roaring as high as 52 degree Celsius.
  • Super silent operation: many of the AC’s produce some distracting sounds, and this sounds are an obstacle in a good sleep hence the company has featured this AC with super silent operation which makes it possible to cool the place without producing any sound.
  • Advanced air purifier: this particular function of the AC helps it in making the air of the room odor free. So if in case you are choosing to get this AC at your place then you get cool and odor free environment without wasting time in searching for room fresheners.
  • Self-diagnosis: this feature of the AC makes it easier for you to get in your notice if in case your AC is having any internal problem.
  • Pricing: this AC will cost you between 30,000-40,000
  • It is a 3 star AC with copper condenser coil which makes the cooling power of the AC more powerful.

Voltas inverter AC:155V LZC [1.2 Ton]

This attractively designed Voltas AC weighing 1.2 ton, has got 5 star rating which means you are going to get a good assistance if you are planning to save on your electricity bills.


  • Filtration process: this feature helps the AC to remove all unwanted allergens and other harmful substances from the air and thus assure you with fresh air circulation.
  • Eco friendly refirgerant: the AC has got R410a refrigerant which ensures to create a safe environment.
  • Steady cool compressor: this compressor is designed in a way that the customer gets steady cooling with steady saving.
  • Active dehumidifier: the excessive humidity levels during the monsoon months and humid months are detected by this feature which helps in creating humidity free environment.
  • Pricing: 35,000-40,000

Voltas inverter AC:123CZA [1 Ton]

Looking for a perfect ACfor you medium or small sized room then this Voltas AC can be one of the best preferences in the category of inverter AC’s. It is a 1 ton AC with 3 stars rating which targets at low energy consumption.


  • 4 stage filtration advantages: this features aims at providing the customer with fresh air circulation by filtering the entire odor, allergens and other unwanted harmful articles.
  •  Self-diagnosis: this feature helps the AC in detecting any kind of internal abnormalities and fixing it by itself.
  • Lock button: this feature helps in locking the setting as per your preference so you need not waste time in changing the setting again and again after switching on the AC.
  • Glow light buttons: the remote comes with the light to assist you in making changes in the mode of your AC without switching on the room light.
  • Copper condenser coil: this coil is beneficial in providing effective and faster cooling and is more durable than any other coils.
  • Pricing: 22,000-28,000

Voltas inverter AC:173V JZJ [1.4 Ton]

This amazingly designed 3 star Voltas AC is all that you require to keep you sweet place cooled in the hot summer season. This model weighs 1.4 ton and you get 1 year warranty on the product and 5 year warrant on the compressor.


  • 4 way auto louver: this feature of the AC helps in cooling your entire room uniformly. You need not focus on changing the swings to get a particular area cooled faster,
  • Low frequency torque control: this feature helps in energy consumption, so you get your place cooled without wasting money on heavy bills.
  • Stabilizer free operation: the AC works under wide operating range so if in case there are any fluctuations your AC will be able to protect itself. The startup voltage is low so you need not put extra stabilizer.
  • Advanced air purifier: this feature helps in removing harmful odor so that you can breathe in cool and healthy environment.
  • Pricing: 31,000-35,000

Voltas inverter AC 185V DZV [1.5 Ton]

Looking for a perfect AC for your big spacious room, then without wasting much time you can prefer buying this AC which weighs 1.5 ton and is sufficient to cool larger area. This is a 5 star rating AC so you are getting a good choice to keep a well bargain in your electricity bills.


  • Two stage steady cool compressor: It has got a variable speed compressor, it can easily adjust power depending upon the amount of heat load. It is energy efficient and produces lower noise as compared to other compressors.
  • Cooper condenser coil: it has got more advantage over any other coil as it so more durable and also supports in efficient cooling.
  • High ambient cooling: even if the heat goes as high as 52 degree Celsius you can sit at your place and chill under this AC as it provides high ambient cooling.
  • Stabilizer free operation: you need not fix extra stabilizer with the AC as it has got low voltage start-up. As it works under wide operating range the AC is kept protected if there are voltage fluctuations.
  • Pricing: 36,000-42,000

Voltas inverter AC:183 VJZJ4 [1.5 Ton]

The auto restart option available in this AC will assist you as you need not reset the settings even after the power supply goes off. This 3 star AC helps you in lowering the power consumption and is idle for a medium-sized room.


  • Sleep mode: the AC comes with the sleep mode option, it auto-adjusts the temperature so that you can take a sound sleep.
  • Self-diagnosis: it can detect the internal problem in the AC and can also fix it.
  • Comes with a LCD remote
  • Pricing: 35,000-40,000
  • Cooper condenser: for effective and efficient cooling with low consumption. It is more durable

Voltas inverter AC:183V DZU [1.5 Ton]

This 1.5 ton inverter AC comes with three star rating so that you get to enjoy the hot summer season at your place in a cool environment without worrying about consumption of your AC.


  • Active dehumidifier: it helps the AC to detect the humidity and move it out from the room. This feature will help you in the monsoon season when the humidity levels are high.
  • Super silent operation: the major issue with the AC’s is the noise produced from them; in this AC you are comforted more with the cooling as it works noiselessly.
  • Steady cool compressor: it gets your room cooled steadily with steady savings. Enjoy your slumber as the AC cools easily at high temperature
  • Multi stage filtration Advantage: you get to enjoy cool as well as fresh air, the AC moves out the dust, odor or any other kind off unwanted particles present in the air.
  • Pricing: 32,000-38,000

Voltas inverter AC:124VSZS [1 Ton]

The AC weighs 1 ton and has a 4 star rating which helps you lowering your bills. You get 1 year warranty on product, 5 year warranty on compressor and 1 year warranty on the condenser.


  • Timer: it allows you the convenience to switch on/ off the AC as per your choice by setting the time.
  • Turbo mode: this mode is really helpful, in general cases when we come to our place after a hectic and tiring schedule in the summer days, we have to wait for 10-20 minutes for the room to get cooled, but the turbo mode cools the room instantly without making you wait even for few minutes.
  • Sleep mode: this mode maintains accurate temperature so that you get to sleep all night comfortably without breaking your slumber in order to reduce the temperature.
  • Wide voltage range operation: the AC works smoothly even in case of wide voltage fluctuations ranging from 150V-270V.
  • Pricing: 26,000-32000

Voltas inverter AC: 124V SZS[1 Ton]

This 1 ton AC with 4 star rating is absolutely perfect for your small sized room.


  • Filtration: allergens, odor or any other harmful article present in your room is cleaned effectively by the filtration process. You can enjoy the cool and clean air with the help of this AC.
  • Sleep mode: it looks after your sleep by making the room temperature moderate; you need not break your sleep to make changes in the temperature.
  • Timer: you can set the on/ off timings of your AC as per your requirements.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant: the refrigerant used by this AC is R410a, which helps you in protecting your environment.
  • Pricing: 30,000-35,000

Voltas inverter AC:123V MY [1 Ton]

This is a 3 star rating AC, weighing 1 ton; you get 5 year warranty on the compressor, and 1 year comprehensive warranty.


  • Dual display: it shows you the temperature set by you and the room temperature as well. You can set the cooling as per the room temperature shown by the AC
  • Turbo mode: it makes the cooling faster instantly as soon as the AC is switched on, by making the air flow to the maximum.
  • Triple protection filter: you get to inhale clean air with the 3 filtering layers which moves out the dust and other particles namely; Acaro Bacterium, Catechin filter and Red Silver Ion filter.
  • Restart: your Ac gets started gain automatically after the power supply gets resumed, hence you need not adjust the setting again and again.

Pricing: 30,000-35,000

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