Types of refrigerators available in India

Types of refrigerators available in India

How many of you are planning to rush into some electronic store to buy the best refrigerator for your family?

Because keeping your ingredients fresh is just as important as keeping your recipes. Refrigerators are no more a luxury item, its a necessary appliance for everybody’s home.

Have you ever been to a new restaurant and ordered the food without even giving a glance to menu?

“Get us the best food of this restaurant“

Hopefully No !! Unless somebody is too experimental or daring, most of us go through the menu first and then order the food.

Similarly, before buying a refrigerator you must go through its menu that is the types of refrigerators available in India. Before you roll your eyes over its menu, keep these basic features in your mind- family size, storage capacity, budget, eating habits, and so on. These features would help you to find the best refrigerator in India so don’t skip them anyways!

Now, let’s jump into the heart of a body. These are different types of refrigerators:

Single door:

As the name suggests, this type of fridge has a single door with direct cooling technology. It has a storage capacity of 100-250 liters which fulfills the needs of 1-3 people living together. It is budget friendly and doesn’t cover too much space.

Bachelors, couples or individuals can rock with this single door refrigerator.

Double Door:

It has two separate doors for refrigerator and fridge. With the storage capacity of 250 – 450 liters, these refrigerators are bigger in size and have frost free technology. It has two separate doors for refrigerator and fridge. With the storage capacity of 250 – 450 liters these refrigerators are bigger in size and have frost free technology. Also these are little expensive than single door . Like it’s obvious that you need to pay more if you want more food in a restaurant. Features like automatic fans to circulate cool air end adjustable shelves make it super useful. These are ideal for nuclear families which consists of two kids and a couple.

Triple door :

As the name suggests, it has three doors. One for refrigerator, one for the vegetable compartment and another for freeze compartment. Three of these compartments are totally separated which helps to avoid odour mixing. With the storage capacity of 300-550 liters these refrigerators are perfect for families who have to welcome relatives at their home regularly and need permanent stock of veggies to serve guests !!

Side by side:

It has large capacity which ensures that you have plenty of storage space for a large Indian family. While you open one door the other half remains closed helping conserve much of the energy. These types of fridges often have extra features like separate water of ice dispensing facility that can be used without having to open the doors of the refrigerator. Refrigerators with water dispensers help in filing the glass without the need to open any door. Also their cupboard like design gives enough space. So these are best refrigerators for Big fat Indian families with good budget… So, this is the flight you have to catch to reach the destination!!

Smart refrigerators:

These type of refrigerators have a reverse design than normal refrigerators. The fridge section is on the upper side and freezer compartment is on the bottom. For the users, this means that they don’t have to bend every time they want to take out fruits and vegetables and other fresh food items. These freezerme types of refrigerators available in India. I hope you read the menu properly and are ready to order the food, I mean best refrigerator!!

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