What to expect from Philips this summer

Philips OLED TV

After receiving many awards for its performance last year, Philips Company is all set to launch a new range of OLED TV in the summers of 2019. Going by the performance of last year OLED the expectation bar is set really high.

In the first week of January, the company launched two OLED models at an event in Amsterdam. If your opinion has to be believed then their design was chic and stylish and would definitely have a good market.

The models would be 804 and 854 OLED. On the first glance, you would see 804 model having an elegant aluminum stand. And the 854 model has a T-Bar at its center.Design wise both the model is superior to the last year model 803.

Just like Philips other models, this too has Ambilight on three sides, giving an immersive TV watching experience. What makes it different technology wise is the P5 processing system. From best picture quality to surrounding noise reduction, shadow detailing and better color gamut, the new 804 and 854 OLED amazing features make it the most awaited TVs.

There has been a reduction in noise which was very prominent in the last years launched model. Besides, the company has also taken care of the dotting and fizzing, they have given polished picture clarity. Unlike last year, this model’s brighter picture looks intense and the color looked better in bright areas which were missing in last year model where the white area looked bleached.

Till date, there isn’t a single OLED TVs that support 8K resolutions. But during the launch event, we noticed that the company was cleverly running an advertisement that showed it was better than Samsung 8K TV. But there aren’t wrong when they did so because the 804/854 model images were amazingly clear and must accept that they were better detailing than the Samsung 8K model.

Till now the new Philip TV looks amazing and it is hard to find out any flaw but it would be a wait and watch situation.

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