What you must keep in mind while buying a Smart TV

What you must keep in mind while buying a Smart TV

Just like we research a lot while buying a smartphone, we check its RAM, camera pixel, brand and also battery life. But, when it comes to a Smart TV there is a lot more to it. Recently there was a sale of 55-inch MiTV 4 for just Rs 39,999. The sale of this TV lasted for only 10 seconds on Flipkart.
These are certain things that customers carefully scrutinized before rushing for flash sale.

Brand Value

Over the years customers have given preference to brand value and even TV sellers have weighed on this as well.

First and foremost decision that a customer needs to take is whether he/she trusts this brand. The salesman in a showroom will always try to sell each and every product that is there in the store. But, always take care that you avoid such traps and stay alert to the reviews done online.

In case you are opting for bigger shots like Samsung, Sony, LG then there isn’t much to worry but if you are willing to get a brand that isn’t as popular as the above brand then do a lot of research and be double sure.

Viewing Distance

It is understood that you have money and willing to invest in a TV that is of maximum size. But, remember that the size of the TV should be decided according to the distance of viewing and nit simply according to the budget.

For example-: Getting a 60 inch TV for a room that has a viewing angle less than 6m would be foolishness.


For customers experiencing the 4K world is amazing and most of the stores offer 4K TV but the biggest challenge is how you get a 4K content.

It is confirmed that 4K is the future but currently there isn’t wrong if we get a TV with 1080 p resolution. Frankly speaking, there is a very thin line between UHD, 4K. Resolution of HD is 720p, resolution of Full HD is 1080p and so on for 4k. Investing in 2k resolution is wise.

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